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Bester döner berlin 2018

bester döner berlin 2018

actually, but this is very much compensated by the exceptional quality and consistency of the meat and the fresh sauces. Its a quick and filling meal and by far the most commonly available fast food commodity in Berlin, you can literally get it at every street corner in the city. Aside from all the hype, the thing that makes this döner-quest worth the experience is that the guys behind the counter serve each one with care and a smile. After tasting one of these döners, we can imagine why. You might be wondering what it is that puts Mustafas so far ahead of all other Kebabs. Balli Döner is situated near, tempelhof, making it an excellent spot to grab a snack after frolicking in the field. In the end its a good Döner made with a lot of love, thats for sure.

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bester döner berlin 2018

I was even 10p short great. I would like to say thank you to Berlin Döner 65 for our lovely prize. The kebab meals were lovely. I'm already looking forward to out next meal from you.

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True or not, it is indeed the quality of the meat, along with great sauces, that make Imrens döner stand out from the competition. Besides having a name thats impossible to mispronounce, this place is known for a balanced doner full of chicken, grilled veggies, and cheese. The quality of a Döner can easily be spotted by the meat used; if the big, fat meat stick doesnt consist out of large pieces of meat, layered on top of each other, but rather out of a pressed, solid meat mass, I would strongly. No real Berliner uses the word Kebab, it is simply a Döner. In the end the massive line is a huge vibe killer, when you can get an Imren or Tadim Döner with zero waiting time its very hard to justify a 45 minute wait for an inferior product. .

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