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fenum wolfsburg

secretory duct follows a straight or oblique course through the dermis but becomes spiral in passing through the epidermis to its opening, a sweat pore. Org abgerufen von p?title fenum oldid6066994). Unicellular gland A lone secretory epithelial cell, often found in the midst of nonsecretory cells. Gestauchte Zeit: Sehen Sie Pilze im Zeitraffer wachsen. Tarsal gland see meibomian gland (above). Sudoriferous gland ( sudoriparous gland ) sweat gland. There are over 400 per square centimeter on the palms and transporter mieten stuttgart student about 80 per square centimeter on the thighs. Its secreting tubules and acini are long and branched, and it is enclosed in a sheath, the parotid fascia. Major vestibular g's Bartholin glands. See: sweat glands for illus suprarenal gland Adrenal gland. The three catecholamines are also produced in other parts of the body.

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fenum wolfsburg

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Their lipid-rich secretions coat the shafts of lashes. Hemolymph gland small node resembling lymph node but red or brown in color and containing blood sinuses instead of or alongside lymph spaces. The chief effects of dopamine are the dilation of systemic arteries, increased cardiac output, and increased flow of blood to the kidneys. Thyroid gland see thyroid gland. Fraenkel gland Any of the tiny glands located below the margin of the vocal cords. The cells of ductless glands secrete specific molecules into the adjacent interstitial space (paracrine glands) or into the blood stream (endocrine glands while the cells of ducted glands (exocrine glands) secrete into a cylindrical sac (tubular glands) or into a flask-shaped sac (alveolar glands). The whole gland is surrounded by a thin fibrous capsule attached in back to the cricoid cartilage and the first few tracheal rings. The lymph nodes of the neck. Molar salivary gland unique gland in felids; predominantly mucoid cells with a few serous.

fenum wolfsburg