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Best burger berlin

best burger berlin

your dream-burger at Muse. This has a lot to do with the funny name but also with the long history of the restaurant which has been preparing burgers since 2006. The best thing about these burgers is that the cheese is melted on top of the burger during the baking process, which gives you this crunchy cheese on top of your burger: I get appetite thinking about. The Burger of Devil Burger in Friedrichshain Devil Burger Restaurant/caption There are not many burgers in Berlin which taste this good for such a low price. In the weekends it can be a bit too crowded but during the week it still has this great Berliner-vibe. For 7,50 you can order a proper burger with great meat, fresh ingredients and obviously you also pay for the service and ambiance. Besides some laidback bars you can find about 5 different. Schiller Burger Schiller Burger is a burger-restaurant which can be found in Berlin on 9 different locations. You can choose between 6 different vegetarian burgers with several main ingredients (Halloumi, Mushroom, Soya and more).

best burger berlin

Finding the best burger in Berlin can be a very difficult task.
New burger places are popping up everyday in Berlin nowadays.

best burger berlin

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The cheapest burger starts at 6,50 and the larger ones go up to 14 Euro for a burger which most people will not be able to eat in one meal. The fresh burger of 5Places in Friedrichshain The smaller burgers of 5places start at 3,80 and the more impressive ones cost about double that price. Besides that I can really recommend taking the chili-cheese-fries, which are kind of a calorie-bomb. Another thing I personally love about Burgeramt is their creative menu. The name might indicate that Piri Piri Burger only sells chicken-burgers, but they also offer the normal beefburgers. Schiller Burger guarantees that the meat of the burgers is from German farmers and that the bread is freshly baked every morning.