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Shadowland hannover

shadowland hannover

used baby powder or flour on the back of the vehicle sahara frankfurt insta and after the vehicle was pushed off the tracks they visibly saw small child size had prints on the vehicle rear in the powder. Kelayres - Old School - An old Public School that has been shut down and turned into a machine shop. One of the guards heard a man's voice in the cab of his truck ask, "So What now?" This was reported on by Johnstown, PA's news station wjac. There could be other hauntings there; she is just the best known. People have reported seeing an older lady wearing a gray dress and she is very pale. The students, particularly the ones in the theatre attribute much of what goes wrong to Gwendolyn and live in almost a constant state of fear of the ghost. On the second floor and the attic it is deserted of any furniture except one room where there is this old bed spring, a 1920's era toilet and a shower head. false rumor The former HOA killed his family and then himself.

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Downingtown - Twin Tunnels - Creek Rd off of Boot Rd in D-Town. He was caught and decapitated. Many people have lost their lives in the treacherous Slippery Rock Creek, which is more of a river in the surrounding area. please BE e church and cemetery are still in use. Volant - Covered Bridge Road - Young Amish girl seen at night. Working there I noticed the scariest things imaginable would happen. We were told that the owners mother died in the upstair room right off the stairs. They would open the door to find no one there. York - Newberry - Industrial Solvents and Chemical Company - Located on Stevens., right next to I-83, iscc used to be a functioning chemical recycling plant. The basement is now closed off. Already have a Myspace account? When entering this cemetery an immediate overwhelming urgency to leave feeling comes upon you.