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Idomeneo nürnberg

idomeneo nürnberg

by the usually reliable Laurent Pelly, who scored such a triumph with. In the English translation, Mozart's Latin gods have been changed to Greeks and the recitative texts have been altered, rather cavalierly. As she leaves, Idomeneo realizes that sending Idamante into exile has cost Ilia her happiness as well as his own. Ida Aldrians zarter Idamante lässt keinerlei Zweifel an der Unschuld dieses kleinen Prinzen aufkommen, und ihr heller Mezzosopran verschmilzt auf betörende Weise mit Ina Yoshikawas Stimme in den Liebesduetten. Mozart ) Ilia, daughter of King Priam of Troy soprano Dorothea Wendling Idomeneo (Idomeneus King of Crete tenor Anton Raaff Idamante (Idamantes son of Idomeneo soprano castrato, later rewritten as tenor Vincenzo dal Prato Elettra (Electra Princess of Argos soprano Elisabeth Wendling Arbace (Arbaces Idomeneo's. 1960 Janine Micheau, Berthe Monmart, Jacqueline Sellier, Rémy Corazza, Camille Maurane Gustave Cloz Orchestre Lyrique de l'O.R.T.F Chorale Lyrique de l'O.R.T.F CD reissue: Gala, Cat? Antonio Pappano, ROH music director, conducted an energised performance with agile orchestral playing and a delicate bonus prelude at the start of Act. Idamante approaches him, but because the two have not seen each other for a long time, recognition is difficult.

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It was also the first, meistersinger in the WNO's 64-year history, and worth the wait. Februar ab 06:05 Uhr auf BR-klassik, qualität. 1956 Sena Jurinac, Lucilla Udovich, Léopold Simoneau, Richard Lewis, James Milligan John Pritchard Glyndebourne Festival Chorus and Orchestra CD: EMI, Cat? A few major changes to the plot were made as well, such as changing princess Elettra to priestess Ismene. In Chantal Thomas's designs, steps and railings imprisoned the enterprise, from the steep staircase of the inn scene at Amiens, to the lovers' upstairs garret in a Haussmannised Paris, to the ramps and rakes of Acts III and. Raymond Very as Walther, the young knight, looked the part, which is rarely the case, even if he didn't always sound.