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Shoe for you wiesbaden

shoe for you wiesbaden

the local economy. The, recycle and Reuse Center is also a great place to donate or pick up used items. You will receive either a German or an American washer/dryer, depending on the water exchange and venting capabilities in your home. As your goods come off of the truck, use a thick marker to mark each box with the correct room number (this is also a great job for your kids, if they are old enough). Window A/C units and fans from the States will use a lot of electricity with a transformer (off-post) and window A/C units of any type are not allowed in onpost housing. You may need to apply for a resident parking pass (Anwohnerausweis) at the Rathaus. Be sure to check exactly what is included. Kaltmiete is your basic rent without additional charges. Nebenkosten, or additional charges, could include a parking space, trash, insurance, etc. German standing fans are your best bet, and fairly inexpensive to acquire.

Join the 2,547,107 happy neighbors and get started selling and saving! If you live on the economy and request them, the Housing Office will provide you with an American fridge/freezer (larger than the German ones) and a washer and dryer. Be sure the proof of residency is in German and contains your name and residence address. Tape a piece of paper with the right numbers on the door or doorframe of each room. To help facilitate getting everything to the right room, make a list of all the rooms in your new house, and assign a corresponding number to each. Also, certain 110 appliances, when used with a transformer, either use more power than you may want to pay for, or will not work correctly (microwaves, for example) because of cycle differences. In some cases, buying German appliances can be more cost-effective in the long run.