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Stuttgart vr arcade

stuttgart vr arcade

facebook, email whatever. Developers: Dont ever accept these. Our Arcade is _ this just lets us know that youre not using our game without permission. Oops, looks like somethings wrong. Please complete the bot challenge below. Thats a very easy way for us to not agree to working with your arcade. We may even tell you that there is an already pre-licensed version of the game that you can use via SpringboardVR, Viveport. Devs talk to each other, we know which arcades are not paying their developers and using games without permission. The plus side of this is you dont really need to contact the developer when you use the commercial license. If you come to the developer with the paperwork, were much more likely to accept the agreement, than if you come to us without paperwork.

The most preferred way to do this is to offer the developer a licensing agreement. Im going to outline the major ones below, in order of most preferred, to least preferred Steam Site License (Formally a Cafe License) Again, like I said earlier buying a regular version of a game off Steam is not the one you should be using for. Seriously, it makes things easier for. If youre not using an Arcade Operating System, then Ill next list options you have for paying developers to use their title.

Additionally, you should check out the aforementioned systems, SpringboardVR or Viveport. Were busy enough as is trying to make games and do other work, we dont have time to keep track of your arcade.

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Its stupid easy and saves you a bunch of time and hassle. You should do that anyways if youre doing a licensing agreement. If you cant get in contact with them dont use their game. You still should though, so that we know youre legit. Check your phone to view the link now! You need the developers permission. Yes, its not a lot of money to the dev, but its cheaper for you the arcade owner. Yes, buying a game off Steam (or even Oculus Home!) doesnt mean you can use the game commercially. Report any feedback that customers might have, or how well the game is doing at the arcade. Financial Compensation Theres a few different ways for a developer to get paid for use of their game in your arcade. There is one exception which Ill again get to in a minute.